Pan American Nikkei Association (PANA

In July 1993, Canada for the first time hosted the seventh Pan American Nikkei Association convention called Convention of the Association of Pan American Nikkei (COPANI) where Nikkei from across both American continents assembled in Vancouver. The NAJC, with financial assistance from the JCRF and the help of over 100 dedicated volunteers, organized the convention sessions and workshops, arranged tours and social events for the 400 delegates from 11 countries.

PANA conventions are held every two years, alternating locations between North and Central America with South American countries. It is a forum for the Nikkei from both continents to share and discuss historical, cultural, economical and political experiences and issues. The interchange of ideas and personal interaction with delegates from different countries helps to develop mutual understanding and appreciation and promotes closer relationships amongst the Nikkei organizations in the Western Hemisphere.

The Thirteenth Biennial Convention of the Association of Pan American Nikkei, (COPANI XIII) will held for the second time in Vancouver, Canada at the Hyatt Hotel, from July 7-9, 2005.

Member countries are:
      Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, United States

Gathering at the home of Vancouverís Consul-General who hosted the reception for the PANA delegates in July 1993. (photo: NAJC)

Canadian delegation

In Bolivia 2003, President Kosaka presents the PANA banner to Keiko Miki, the host of COPANI XIII to be held in Canada in 2005. (photo: Jim Kadonaga)

PANA delegates attend a Bon Odori in Bolivia in 2003. (photo: Art Miki)

PANA directors visited Vancouver, B.C. in August 2004 to plan COPANI XIII to be held in July 2005. (photo: John Endo Greenaway)

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