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The National Association of Japanese Canadians is a non-profit incorporated community organization in Canada that represents the Japanese Canadian community. Formed in 1947, the NAJC focuses on human rights and community development.

The NAJC successfully negotiated the historic Redress Settlement on behalf of all Japanese Canadians who suffered injustices at the hands of their own government during and after World War II when they were dispossessed, forcibly relocated and interned. On September 22, 1988, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and NAJC President Art Miki signed the redress agreement acknowledging the wrongs committed against Japanese Canadians.

Board Directions

National Executive Board (NEB) Update
by Bev Ohashi, President

National Executive Board 2014

National Executive Board Members and Administrators at the Inaugural Meeting
Photo by:  Lisa Schoenhofer

At the 2014 NAJC National Conference in Vancouver hosted by the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association (GVJCCA) under the leadership of Derek Iwanaka, the National Executive Board (NEB) for the next 2 years (2014 – 2016) was elected at the AGM held on September 20th.

One of our priorities as the NEB will be to keep you informed about the work that we do and the tasks being completed by the 8 standing committees:  Community Development, Constitution, Endowment Fund, Finance, Heritage, Human Rights, Membership, and Young Leaders.  We are always looking for new individuals who can join these committees to support NAJC initiatives. Continue reading Board Directions

President’s Report September 2014 - On Indebtedness

by Ken Noma.

My term as President of the NAJC will come to an end at the Vancouver AGM being held on the September 20th weekend.  It has been an honour to serve as national President these past four years.  I wish to express my appreciation for the support that I have received from:  past presidents who have been generous with their advice; to the National Administrators in our Winnipeg office; to past and present colleagues on the National Executive Board for their vigilance in the performance of their duties; to the members of the Nikkei and larger community for their words of encouragement; to John Greenaway and the GVJCCA Bulletin for keeping us grounded to our Nikkei heritage.  Last but not least, I wish to thank all presidents and executive members of our fourteen member organization for creating the important programs that keep alive our cultural and historical traditions.  I acknowledge my debt to all.

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NAJC Young Leaders Conference

Friday, September 19th – Sunday, September 21st, 2014
Vancouver, B.C.

The Japanese Canadians Young Leaders Conference (JCYLC) is a space for Japanese Canadian (JC) young people to remember the past, recognize the present, and reimagine the future of the JC community! By prioritizing dialogue and empowering young people through workshops, heritage tours, panels, and trans-generational discussion, the JCYLC offers a unique opportunity for young Japanese Canadians to develop, inspire, and lead nikkei communities across the country! Register today!

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Nishga Girl Rededication Ceremony - August 20, 2014

Nishga Girl








In the rebranded Museum of Canadian History, a blessing ceremony for the gillnet boat Nishga Girl was held on August 20th.  The boat, commissioned by Chief Harry Nyce, was built by the master builder Judo Tasaka.  In an act of reconciliation, the Museum has invited members of Chief Nyce’s family, the Tasaka family and the NAJC to participate.  Nishga Girl is currently in a temporary exhibit in the Southern Salon of the Museum and she will be moved into the main gallery when the Museum officially celebrates its new name in 2017.

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President’s Report July 2014

by Ken Noma

Warmer weather has finally arrived and many of you will be taking your well-deserved vacations. If possible, please use the opportunity to re-engage with our community by attending summer festivals or visiting historic and cultural sites of significance to our heritage.

Nikkei Pride
Although it was only a few months ago, the Sochi Olympics of February seems like a distant memory.

I was surprised to learn about the growing number of Nikkei competitors who took part in the Winter Olympic and Para-Olympics. They seemed to have exploded to the attention of the main-stream media this year.   The list of Nikkei athletes below was supplied by Kevin Okabe and although it may not be complete,I wanted to bring them to your attention (I would appreciate receiving names left out at:

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NAJC Heritage Tour Hawai'i

National Association of Japanese Canadians and Safeway Holidays present:
Ken Noma’s Hawai’i Heritage Tour
March 3-12, 2015
Big Island (Kailua-Kona & Hilo), Waikiki

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NAJC Heritage Tours

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